In Open Tabs at Not Gallery
August 2016

In the over air-conditioned car, I rub my fingers into the fabric of the car’s seat, and draw with the weight of the fabric in different directions. The fabric and heat collect together. I delay my arrival by relieving myself in the public restroom before I enter. Inside, there are little triggering facts that distinguish their day from mine. Three to twenty tabs open, spilled coffee, tea, and a cup of flavored tootsie rolls. Waiting in line, I receive my belongings, a man in cargo shorts and flip flops goes after me. I sit back down, situate my acquisitions, and notice him walk towards the Seven-Eleven across the street. Tomorrow is July 11th. Does he know to wait a day? Returning to the car, hot air billows from the open door.
In Open Tabs, 2016positive uncertainty, 41” x 32”, Wood, steel, rubber, polyethylene foam, 2016positive uncertainty (detail) pre-packs, 93” x 20” x 2 ½ “, steel, metal, clay, rubber, wood, cotton, sand, plastic, 2016pre-packs (detail)pre-packs, (detail)stopped for notice, 48” x 34”, Wax on paper, 2016all essentials, 41 ½ “ x 36”, wax on paper, 2015all essentials, (detail)one fax for fountain, 48” x 42”, wax on paper, 2016from work with (1 & 2), 34” x 26”, Wax on paper, 2016from work with (1 & 2), detailinvited but forgotten, 48” x 33”, Wax on paper, 2016